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What is the WORKING PRINCIPLE of ACMAN Dust Collector?

What is the WORKING PRINCIPLE of ACMAN Dust Collector?

Update Time:2022/5/27
What is the WORKING PRINCIPLE of ACMAN Dust Collector?
ACMAN Industrial Dust Collectors has a compact design which make the blower, pulse-jet reverse cleaning system, filter elements and dust drawer/dust bin together.

When the raw gas come into the air inlet of dust collector, the gas is expanding in the filtration room, and the dust velocity became slow. Because of the gravity, some heavy dust fall into the dust bin; Thanks to the high efficiency filter elements(sinter-plated filters, cartridge PTFE filters, filter bags), the dust is crashed on the filters' surface, and blocked by the filter elements, 0.3-1um dust could be catched by the filters. then the clean air come out of the filters, and then extracted by the centrifugal fan which provide high air flow and high pressure.

when the differential pressure between filter surface and atmosthere became high, the filter ventilation quantity became small, the pulse-jet reverse cleaning system start to work, the compressed air backflow sharply in the inner filters, and the dust on the surface of filters is falling down to the dust bin.

This is the one working circle of the dust collector machine.
Filtration steps

Online reverse pulse steps

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