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What is the ADVANTAGES of ACMAN Pulse dust collector?

What is the ADVANTAGES of ACMAN Pulse dust collector?

Update Time:2022/5/31
What is the ADVANTAGES of ACMAN Pulse dust collector?
Advantages of ACMAN Explosion Proof 
Dust Collector
1: The dust collector adopts advanced anti-static filter cartridge type, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.9% (0.5um).

2:Advanced control technology realizes single-channel and multi-channel backflushing, excellent cleaning effect and beautiful appearance.

3:Professionally designed and customized high-speed and large-volume explosion-proof centrifugal fans and advanced impeller design enable each dust collection equipment to generate flow and negative pressure that meet the needs of on-site working conditions, and can meet the continuous and stable dust collection effect in industrial environments. . Low noise, standard flow and pressure, good dynamic balance, no risk of equipment jitter;

4:The electric control box adopts well-known explosion-proof electric control box and electrical components, and has the functions of phase loss, overload and overheating protection;

5:The anti-static filter element is made of polyester-coated microporous material, which has the characteristics of waterproof, oil-proof and high-temperature resistance. The cylindrical pleated design has the advantages of small volume and large filtering area.

 6:The solenoid valve adopts explosion-proof solenoid valve, which realizes comprehensive explosion-proof in electrical aspect;

7:The quick-release filter element design device makes maintenance and replacement very simple and easy to use, and the selection of filter elements is very diverse, and anti-static film, nanofiber, etc. can be selected according to the requirements of use.

8:It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, simple maintenance and high dust collection efficiency.

9:The whole machine is equipped with an anti-static grounding device, which can conduct static electricity more effectively, avoid the generation of static sparks, and is safe and reliable.
10:There are remote model ports, which can be connected to remote control to realize linkage control with factory equipment.
Big Airflow
Comparison with other dust collector
                ACMAN stainless steel dust collector

          ACMAN Carbon steel dust collector

1: Production based on ISO9001 quality system standards, in line with national HJ/T328 standards;
Standard national standard cold-rolled sheet laser production, 304 stainless steel δ1.5-2mm, carbon steel δ2mm;
2: Outer surface: stainless steel brushed and polished; carbon steel sprayed with plastic, durable;
3: The door frames are designed with reinforced pressure resistance, and the 6 access doors all use automotive industry sealing strips;
4: The electrical control is carried out in accordance with the GB/T4942 standard, neat and standardized;
5: The design of the injection system is perfect, and the injection effect is good;
6: One-year warranty for the whole machine, lifetime maintenance, long-term provision of accessories
Other brands of dust collector
                       Other brands Dust Collector

                     Other brands bag dust collector

1: No production standards and specifications, plate splicing production;
2: Non-polishing plate, lower tolerance is too large, inferior 304 stainless steel; carbon steel is only artificially painted;
3: The door frame sealing strips do not meet the pressure resistance and leakage rate standards, and there is a risk of powder running;
4: The production does not meet the electrical specification standards, and there is a risk of leakage;
5: Many manufacturers do not make pulse jet systems,
6: One-time sale, no after-sale;
ACMAN Pulse Dust Collector Details
1: Multiple filter cartridges, larger filter area and higher efficiency;
2: Multiple filter cartridges are sprayed in sections, with good cleaning effect and stable resistance;
3: The fan is dynamically balanced and calibrated, with low noise, and the overall feeling of welding and polishing is delicate;
4: Laser cutting, welding, CNC bending, electrical standardized production;
5: The materials are abundant, the accessories are high-quality, the equipment is solid, and the pressure resistance is strong;
6: The injection system is professionally designed, the risk of leakage is guaranteed, and the pressure is stable;
Other Brand Dust Collector Detail
1: Single filter cartridge, small filter area and low efficiency;
2: The design of the injection system is simple, and there is a risk of air leakage and uneven injection. The injection pipe is simply made of pvc, with obvious vibration and short life;
3: The fan has no dynamic balance sign, there is a risk of jitter, and the actual air volume differs greatly from the marked air volume, poor welding, and high air leakage rate;
4: The wiring is messy, there are potential safety hazards, and the service life is short;
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