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Grinding Dust Collector

Grinding Dust Collector
Grinding Process Dust Collection System
Metal grinding, for example, stainless steel products, aluminum metal grinding, other metal polishing, need a high efficiency central dust collection system also need to concern the explosion risks.

ACMAN had helped various of  metal process companies in this process.

For instance, SUS304 company LYSF, have 20 manual grinding line, had used our wet scrubber dust collector, 
Vietnam company HOANG LAM who has a steel grinding machine, had use two sets of our dust collector.
Customer sites pictures
Vietnam Customer
Grinder quantity: 8 points;
Airflow:     8000m3/h
Wet Scrubber : ZH-8

Indonesia Customer
Grinder quantity: 4 points;
Airflow:     4000m3/h
Wet Scrubber : ZH-4
Our wet scrubber
Grinding Robot
Automatic Grinding machine
Our customer also use a grinding robot, so they design a dust extraction hood on the grinder head, and use a flexible pipe.  they choose our wet scrubber to collect the metal dust, which may cause explosive atmosphere.

The airflow is 2000cmh

Now, the system had used for 5 years.
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